On April 17 and 25, 2018, teachers Luljeta Aziri and Jasmina Efremoska realized the extracurricular activity on the topic “Origami” as part of the program section Creative expression and crafting. The goals of the activities were: encouraging positive mood in the group, as well as strengthening the interaction between the students; introducing students with the process of making origami; learning through game; learning concepts in both languages related to the topic; encourage mutual cooperation and respect during work; encouraging patience, precision among students in carrying out activities; develop creativity and inventiveness as well as training students to recognize aesthetic components in the final products.

“During the main part, the students were divided into 4 groups and realized the following activities: the first group made origami glasses and toys; the second group crafted origami-napkins; the third group crafted an origami dress and shirt; whereas the fourth group crafted an origami-ninja stars.
In the final part of the activity, the students exposed the crafted origami.
” L. Aziri and J. Efremoska.