On April 26, 2018 teachers Maja Miteva Petroska, Zaharica Ilieska and Todorka Nane realized the activity “Switzerland”. Through creative and educational activities, the students learned more about the typical Swiss products as well as their production technology, with a special focus on chocolates.

On May 10, 2018 the teachers realized the extracurricular activity on the topic “The Netherlands”. The aims and objectives of the activity were:
– Getting acquainted with the state and traditional Dutch landmarks;
– Supporting children’s curiosity for understanding the role and function of the windmills in everyday life;
– Empowering students to independently discover the specificities of flowering plants of Dutch origin.
Through mutual work and collaboration in groups, students made: poster of traditional costume from the Netherlands, tulips from paper, traditional food images from the Netherlands, and windmills from various materials.