Within the Art section, on April 20 and 27, 2018 teachers Lence Angjelkoska and Afrime Durmishi implemented the integrated extracurricular activities on the topics “Butterflies”. The goal of the activity was: encouraging mutual co-operation and respect among the students, reducing emotional stress through artistic creation as well as stimulating the creative imagination.

“Students draw a token and according to their color sit in the appropriate group marked with that color. Required materials for work are placed in each group. The teachers give instructions for each group work (1-group to color butterfly applications and attaches them to paper flowers; 2-group print butterflies with butterfly templates; 3-group drawing butterflies to a common paper sheet.) The teachers assist the students and encourage them to work. During the activities, children’s songs are played in Macedonian and Albanian language. Once the students are ready with their creations, each group presents them and places them in the appropriate place in the classroom.”