As part of the art section, on April 5, 2018, teachers Valentina Petrusevska-Blagoevska and Ylbere Arifi organized the Easter workshop. The objectives of the activity were:

  • encouraging mutual successful group and tandem cooperation;
  • maintaining a positive socio-emotional climate in the group;
  • encouraging students for non-verbal communication in a bilingual environment;
  • Improvement of students’ self-esteem;
  • promoting children’s originality, creativity;
  • developing a responsible and active attitude towards group tasks, etc;
  • Acquiring knowledge, skills and abilities for planning, organizing, realizing and evaluating extracurricular educational activities;
  • Socialization of students from different ethnicities, mutual tolerance, fostering a sense of belonging among each other;
  • Students to get acquainted with the Easter holiday;
  • To exercise motor skills by decorating Easter eggs.

“The students paint the boiled eggs and decorate them according to their wish. They work independently, decorate with prepared decorations. At the end of the activity, we look at the decorated eggs and choose the most interesting Easter egg” teachers tandem