On April 3, 2018, teachers Daniela Stefanovska and Hatidze Memeti realized the activity “April parade”. The objectives of the activity were:

– Exploring connections between animal and plants;
– Encouraging caring attitude towards animals;
– Encouraging a positive mood in the group;
– Strengthening interaction among the children and strengthening group cohesion;
– Encouraging memory and adopting words in non-native language;
– Developing children’s fantasy and creative potential.

“We prepare 3 benches with working materials in the classroom. The masks are pre-made by the teachers on white sheets of paper. Students choose the masks randomly, as the masks are turned upside down while they choose. The students paint the masks with wooden crayons and add cotton or wool, cut them and tie them with wool strings. After they are finished, the students put the masks on their face while the teachers help them tie. At the end of the activity, the students perform movements and mimics according to their masks. The masks are attached to a white poster and each student writes their name next to it with a marker” D. Stefanovska and H. Memeti.