Learning about animals and insects
On April 19 and 26, 2018 teachers Gordana Tomeska and Suzana Vejseli carried out the intercultural activities as part of
Welcome swallow bird
On April 25, 2018, teachers Violeta Parevska and Luljeta V. Qerimi implemented the daily activity “Welcome swallow bird” within the
Origami decorations
On April 17 and 25, 2018, teachers Luljeta Aziri and Jasmina Efremoska realized the extracurricular activity on the topic “Origami”
Learning about the Netherlands
On April 20 and 25, 2018 teachers Mirushe Xhaferi and Aneta Kazioska realized the extracurricular activity on the topic “The
We care about pets
On April 23 and 24, 2018 school psychologist Svetlana Asprovska- Todorovikj carried out the April workshop together with the students
Learning about the circulation of the water
On April 23, 2018, teachers Valentina Petrushevska Blagoevska and Ylbere Arifi realized the activity “Circulation of water”. The aims of
Lectures with international experts and awarding of certificates for basic and advanced level training
On April 21, 2018 NDC Skopje organized a conference consisting of lectures with international experts on intercultural education as part
Origami decorations
On April 20, 2018, teachers Spasice Nikolovska and Isnisa Salioski realized the extracurricular activity on the topic “Origami” as part
Sun and water
On April 20, 2018, teachers Fatmire Mahmudi and Mirjana Nevenova realized the activity “Sun and Water” as part of the
The recipes of our grandmothers
On April 13 and 20, 2018, teachers Tijana Baјraktarska and Hurmet Ala realized the activity “From my grandmother’s table” in
On April 19, 2018 teachers Zujca Stojanova and Denis Redzepov realized the activity “Baloons” planned as part of the Nansen
Our beautiful butterflies
On April 19, 2018 teachers Nagihan Snopce and Gabriela Merdzanoska implemented the integrated extracurricular activities on the topics “Butterflies”. The
April activities
On April 19, 2018 teachers Snezana Pop-Stefanija and Teuta Bediu carried out the intercultural activity “Little sheep” as part of
Introductory activities for students
On April 18, 2018 the teacher tandem consisted of teachers Florina Skenderi and Vesna Danajlovksa realized the introductory extracurricular activities
Beautiful spring
As part of the Eco section, on April 18, 2018, teachers Valentina Bosilkovska and Lindita Jusufi organized the spring outdoor
Creative workshops
On April 15, 2018, professors Garip Shaqiri and Andrijana Nikudinovska realized a creative workshop with the students included in the